Climate Action for India

Climate Action for India

We were inspired by TED books and wanted to create something for the most urgent issue of our lives - the climate crisis. Climate action solutions already abound, so we decided to compile the best ideas from India and the world. 

Our goal was to create a field guide of ideas to tackle the climate crisis from a solution mindset by relying on the curiosity and wisdom of stakeholders such as policy experts, youth leaders, nonprofit leaders, climate startup founders, influencers, etc.

Climate Action for India is published by egomonk and is being released for free under a Creative Commons license and has been realized with contributions from several stakeholders.


  • Harshit Garg
    Harshit Garg
  • Hansika Singh
    Hansika Singh
    Forum for the Future
  • Tatiana Glad
    Tatiana Glad
    Impact Hub
  • Alberto Masetti-Zannini
    Alberto Masetti-Zannini
    Impact Hub
  • Dr. Steffen Bethmann
    Dr. Steffen Bethmann
    Melton Foundation
  • Sonali Keshwa Murti
    Sonali Keshwa Murti
    Melton Foundation
  • Samyukta Somvanshi
    Samyukta Somvanshi
    The Nilgiris Foundation
  • Elijah DeSouza
    Elijah DeSouza
  • Asha Jyothi
    Asha Jyothi
  • Vandana Sharma
    Vandana Sharma
  • Ballabi Manjul
    Ballabi Manjul