Ally Matthan

Ally Matthan is one of the best recognised perfumers in the country having worked with several brands to build recognizable fragrance profiles for them. A deep interest in fragrances led her to acquire a Masters Degree in Perfumery Science and Technology from the prestigious ISIPCA, after spending her childhood years among the perfume vats of her family’s incense stick business.

As someone who celebrates stories and the impact they have through fragrances, it came as a natural extension to use sarees to tell the stories that are relevant to India through the #100sareepact. Having run the course of the pact, it became evident that the stories that remained yet untold and were hard to hear were indeed the tales of those who brought sarees to life.

The true story of the saree and its journey into our wardrobes remains one that is mentioned in hushed voices. In an initiative to make all saree stories relevant, The Registry of Sarees was founded with textile expert Kausalya Sathyakumar and business strategist Apoorva Sadanand. The objective is to bridge the gap between weavers and saree enthusiasts extending the scope of narration of India’s stories. The Registry of Sarees believes in the importance of retaining the diversity of our country by keeping these.

Deepa Narasimhan

Deepa Narasimhan is head of Diversity & Inclusion Dell EMC Asia Pacific Japan. Deepa has been a phenomenal change agent in the society by advocating disability rights and gender equity in various capacities. She has been instrumental in the launching of DERG (Disability Empowerment Resource Group) India network to create an environment of equality in the workplace.

She is member of various D&I Forum and is a proactive accessibility evangelist. She wishes to contribute towards building a disabled-friendly society in India – and she wishes to help in building a similar policies as in developed countries like the US.

Veena Sethuraman

Veena Sethuraman is a learning and development specialist working in a Fortune 100 organization by profession and a psychotherapist by passion. Outside of her work hours, you will find her working towards increasing awareness about mental health issues or working with the LGBTQ community to make their voices heard.

She likes to observe human behaviours and explore the art and science behind it. She has experiences with trollers and cyber bullies in social media and she surprisingly enjoys responding to them.

Soundarya Jayachandran

Born from the likes of Indian and Western music, 22 year old Soundarya Jayachandran's music can be associated with bluesy rock, pop and soul. She has a professional certificate in vocal performance from A.R.Rahman’s music school. Soundarya has been writing and composing her own music since the age of 15.

She went on and recorded a single called "I Don't Need Nobody" in collaboration with Qyuki – an initiative by Shekar Kapoor and A.R.Rahman that promotes artists, musicians, photography etc. She was also a finalist in India’s first English singing reality show called “The Stage” on VH1 and Colors Infinity along the likes of Vishal Dadlani, Ehsaan Noorani, Monica Dogra and Devraj Sanyal. Soundarya was also the youngest panelist on the international entrepreneurial meet “SURGE” held annually in Europe and Bangalore in 2016 and one of the 9 Youth Ambassadors for AUDI INDIA.

Naomi George - Host

Naomi George is a Diversity Consultant with a specific focus on mums who are returning to the workforce after maternity-leave. Her work focuses on addressing issues of self-confidence and the importance of self-love as a means towards establishing, and having a successful career, and balanced life.

In 2014 her book, ‘Mum-Me: How I Raised Babies Survived Toddlers and Learnt to Love Myself’   was published by Harper Collins India. Since the launch of Mum-Me she has led Women’s Day talks at Tata Consultancy Service Bengaluru, been a guest-panelist at Goldman Sachs Bengaluru, and is an ongoing guest blogger/workshop host for www.jobsforher.com

Her Mum-Me page on Facebook where she regularly writes on the trials, joys and learnings of mothering; and the tussle between being a mum and a woman, has 500 followers, almost all mums, with some progressive dads in the mix.

Naomi has a Masters in Professional Communication and over 12 years experience in Client-Servicing & Business Development in Sydney, London and pan-India.

Vyjayanti Vasanta Mogli

Vyjayanti Vasanta Mogli is a transgender woman with allegiance to a matrilineal hijra dayyaar/haveli (commune). She has worked with some wall street giants as a Learning & Development professional. Along with other hijra and transgender people, she happens to be one of the founding members of the Telangana Hijra Intersex Transgender Samiti, an unregistered and an unfunded collective of hijra and transgender people.

Vyjayanti works probono with the hijra and transgender community to have FIRs lodged for atrocities perpetrated on the hijra/transgender community, engages with both the community, the lawyer fraternity and the government to build jurisprudence that decriminalises the livelihoods of the transgender community.

Vyjayanti currently researches in the intersections of Law with Public Policy at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in its Hyderabad campus. Vyjayanti is a fellow of the International Visitors Leadership Program of the State Department of the federal government of the United States of America.